Siemens, SAP and T-Systems join forces to simplify and accelerate your industrial transformation

As part of our support for the German-Dutch Innovation Pact, Siemens, SAP and T-Systems are collaborating to support industrial transformation across Dutch industry. By combining our respective strengths in IT business applications, operational technology and systems integration, we’ve created an ecosystem designed to simplify and accelerate your industrial transformation. Our core focus revolves around key themes from the innovation pact, including Smart Industry (Industry 4.0), sustainable processes and innovative technologies.

Transparency, co-innovation and decisiveness
The need for smart factory solutions (Industry 4.0) is increasing. The market demands more transparency in production processes and logistics chains, quality improvement, preventing downtime and reaching sustainability goals.
As Industry 4.0 continues to mature through delivery of Industrial IoT (IIoT), 5G campus networks, AI and Machine Learning, and edge computing, it’s providing innovative opportunities for organizations, such as:

• Sustainable design and production of recyclable products with low carbon impact
• Reduction of emissions and waste
• Safe and efficient energy operation and production

With our integrated approach to consulting, advanced operational technology, IT services and access to our rich and varied ecosystems, organizations are able to create and successfully implement customized innovative solutions.

The objective of our collaboration is to help your organization deliver innovative use cases beyond the pilot phase into a concrete, mature and scalable business model with co-creation and collaboration.

Our integrated approach combines knowledge sharing, standardization, experience and insight, making your company’s industrial transformation easier and more successful. As market leaders – both complementary and competitive – we are ideally placed to drive successful transformation, greater competitiveness and foster new standards that benefit both the Dutch industry and wider European industries at large.

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    Our vision explained

    On July 6th 2021 the board members of Siemens, SAP and T-Systems outlined their vision for collaboration and the critical success factors for Industry 4.0. Watch the full event here or check out the 8- minute recap.

    Additional Videos:

    For additional insights, you can hear directly from:

    • Wilfried Weekers, Head of Digital Operation at Signify
    • Dirk Brengelmann, German Ambassador to the Netherlands
    • Søren Abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile Nederland

    For more expertise, check out the videos from our respective industry and digital consultants.

    Technologies are evolving at speed and change now happens almost overnight. You can keep up to date on key technologies – such as Big Data & AI Analytics, Horizontal & Vertical Integrations, Cloud Computing, AR, IIoT, Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing, Autonomous Robots, Simulation/Digital Twins and Cybersecurity – through our dedicated content here. We regularly update this section with new insights and updates to keep your informed so check back regularly for new updates.

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    Get an integrated view on how best to define and deliver solutions from our industry specialists, subject-matter experts and solution professionals. Our open, co-operative and collaborate approach to working with you and your team includes best practice from our German industry projects and international customer base.

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